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...“That just always stuck with me, like this is an amazing community, and there’s just tons of those around Wyoming,” Wendt said. “I think that those communities, because of the economic situation, they’re being hollowed out, so we need to start figuring out how to rebuild Wyoming in a way that can work for Wyoming.”

“I'm an ideas guy,” he told the Star-Tribune in an interview on Monday. “I want to run an ideas campaign, and I don't care where the ideas come from. I'm running as a Democrat, but it could be a Democratic idea, or it could be a Republican idea -- any sort of idea. As long as it's an idea that is going to make a difference for the people of Wyoming and needs an advocate in DC, then I'm on board.”

"He cares deeply about the communities and the families and the individuals who have been hurt the most by the shift away from coal.”

“I intend to bring new ideas, bring new vision and build upon some of our traditional strengths.... I’m not a traditional Democrat".

Senator Tammy Duckworth endorsement: "It's never been more clear than it is today that our nation needs leaders who understand how to listen first and then find thoughtful, effective solutions based on what their constituents tell them,” said Duckworth. “Nathan Wendt is that kind of leader, and I am endorsing him because I need him alongside me in this fight to return civility to our government."

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