Tammy Duckworth

U.S. Senator, Illinois

"It's never been more clear than it is today that our nation needs leaders who understand how to listen first and then find thoughtful, effective solutions based on what their constituents tell them.  Nathan Wendt is that kind of leader, and I am endorsing him because I need him alongside me in this fight to return civility to our government.”

Mark Newcomb

Teton County Commissioner

“Now is the time for bold leadership and aggressive action to broaden Wyoming’s economy. Nathan is that leader and I am honored to endorse him.”

Pete Muldoon

Mayor of Jackson

"Nathan has strong abilities in taking ideas and turning them into results.  He'd be a great Senator".

Lt. Gen. Arlen Jameson (Ret.), USAF

Former Commander, Warren Air Force Base, Cheyenne

"I'm endorsing Nathan Wendt for U.S, Senator because Wyoming needs a dynamic, world savvy Senator who has worked all the critical issues for the 21st Century! Energy policies from all vantage points--Local, State, National, and Global! His vigor, experience, and  deep understanding of Public Health, working people, and National Security makes him the right choice for Wyoming!"

Lt. Gen. John Castellaw (Ret.), USMC

Former Chief of staff, U.S. Central Command during the Iraq War

“America faces major challenges to create new jobs, strengthen our national security, act on climate change, and more. Nathan has shown me

that he doesn’t ride with the herd and, as a leader and independent thinker, he will meet those challenges and get things done for Wyoming and the nation.” 

Hon. Richard Holwill

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ecuador

"In recent years, I’ve see politicians put party loyalty ahead of what they knew to be right. We need someone who will stand up for common sense and the common good.  Nathan is that kind of guy.  I’m proud to endorse him to be Wyoming’s U.S. Senator."

Patricia Butts

Retired Public School Teacher

"Nathan understands the value of public education for our children, our state, and our country.  He knows our children are our most valuable asset.  His willingness to support higher pay for teachers in order to attract top talent into the field focuses directly on what we need to do to strengthen our public education system.  We need a leader like Nathan in Washington."

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