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A New Wyoming Economy

 Improving People's Lives Within One Term. 


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4 Big Ideas.  Problems Before Parties. Results Within One Term.



Wyoming has everything we need to prosper - strong communities, exceptional workers, natural beauty and a low-tax business environment.  What we don't have is political leadership in D.C.  Instead, we've had status quo politicians that put elections and their jobs first.  They need to be put out to pasture. What have they done to improve your life while they've been in office?  
Vote for me and I'll deliver on clear, tangible goals that create good jobs, reduce healthcare costs, put workers first and increase personal freedoms.  Achieving these goals will improve the lives for everyone in Wyoming.  Join me.

1. Diversify Wyoming's economy through county strategies

We can create thousands of good jobs in Wyoming with the right political leadership in D.C.


  • Campbell County - Coal has a future with carbon capture.  I will work with the U.S. government to create a new carbon capture national lab in Gillette, which will create thousands of high-paying jobs.

  • Natrona County - I will work with Casper''s leaders to bring financial and medical services industries to Casper.  

  • Laramie County - With the right leadership, Cheyenne can become a leading wind power manufacturing hub, creating thousands of jobs.   I'll put the Wyoming wind opportunity on the map and make this a reality.  Colorado has 15 wind manufacturing facilities, supporting around 8,000 jobs. 

  • Teton County - Nothing generates economic growth more than home-grown human capital created through a university.  Let's create a new Wyoming University in Teton County focused on attracting, and cultivating the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.  This would create new industries, talent, and revenue for Wyoming.

  • Sweetwater County - Sweetwater produces the nation's trona, but ships it out of state.  We will create a trona manufacturing facility, and jobs, right here in Wyoming.

2. Make healthcare cheap and easy to navigate in Wyoming 

Compared to the rest of the industrialized world, the U.S.'s healthcare is more expensive and we don't live as long. That's like paying $100k for a Ford pinto when your neighbor paid $10k for a Ferrari.  If healthcare is going to remain an absurdly profitable industry, then it should operate as other businesses do, with competition for customers based on lowest prices, competition across borders, removal of artificial barriers and an option to buy a government-offered service.  

  • I will support Medicare for All If You Want It - let people pick the healthcare option that is best for them and their families. 

  • I'll support buying insurance across state lines with minimum standards met.

  • I'll sponsor legislation for Medicare and all private insurance to negotiate low pharmaceutical prices.  Currently, medicare is artificially blocked by Congress from the ability to negotiate low prices and guess what? Everyone overpays.

  • I'll make sure that you know the costs so you can decide if you really want to pay for it.  Doctors will have to disclose the costs for procedures and tests so the patient can make an informed decision.

3. Put workers first by resetting the market to serve people, not have people serve the market.  That's not how it's supposed to work.

The great American dream is to have a good job.   What we all know but political leaders never say is that less and less good jobs exist.  Unemployment is way down right now sure.  But employment stats count part-time workers as employed.  No one can build the future they want working for $7.25 an hour without benefits, but more and more people have to.  A full-time job with benefits and good pay is getting harder and harder to find, particularly for people in Wyoming.   Wyoming needs good jobs.  Good jobs create thriving communities. F

  • I will support raising the minimum wage to at least $10 per hour.  This will help people and stimulate the economy.

  • Wyoming has the world's best energy workers.  We will build new opportunities for them in carbon capture and renewable energy.  Any coal worker laid-off due to coal bankruptcies will be guaranteed their pension and be provided free healthcare and free education. 

  • I will lead legislation to double police officer and teacher pay.  Public servants are our nation's foundation but are underpaid.  It's time for them to get a raise.  A big raise.  Moreover, if people are competing to get these jobs, not to become hedge fund managers, our society will be much better for it. 

  • The work-week needs to be reformed starting with ensuring each month has one three-day-weekend.  Any shift and hourly workers that are still on the clock provided time and a half pay for hours worked on those newly created holidays.

4. Expand the Freedom you have in your life

The freedom to live your life how you choose to is a core Wyoming value.  It's time to create and strengthen new freedoms.

  • A Freedom Dividend - $1,000 monthly to every citizen over 18 - creates freedom in your life.  Freedom to pay monthly medical bills.  Freedom to start a business.  Freedom to save for retirement.  This is not welfare.  Welfare can be eliminated with a freedom dividend.  A Freedom Dividend will grow our economy (because people spend the money, which keeps the economy growing.  

5. Turn Wyoming into a national leader in climate solutions 


I agree with Governor Gordon: Wyoming can lead in climate action and stimulate our economy at the same time.  Instead of trying to push back against forces we can't change (the changing nature of energy) Wyoming can continue to lead the nation in the energy of the future - carbon capture, carbon tech, bioenergy, renewable energy, modular nuclear reactors, and battery tech.

  • To support the freedom dividend and also hasten the development of carbon capture, which will save coal, I'll support a price on carbon.




If you are hesitant about voting for a Wyoming Democrat, I understand.  I care about bold ideas that will work for Wyoming, not party ideology.  Wyoming needs to thrive the Wyoming way.  For those reasons, you won't see me talking about raising taxes, taking on guns or opposing coal.  I will work with whoever is in the White House. 
Political leaders need to have a measurable performance contract with their constituents - what they'll achieve and when, just like any other job.  Below are my pledges.  If I don't achieve or make a significant start in achieving them, I won't run again.

20,000 New Jobs That Diversify Wyoming's Economy

Cut Healthcare Costs in Half. 

Double Worker's Pay.  More Three-Day Weekends.

Freedom in Your Life Through the Freedom Dividend

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