Rebuild and Diversify Wyoming's Economy 

When the coronavirus crisis passes, the next Senator from Wyoming must have a plan to create new jobs to replace the ones the Pandemic lost. As a starting point, it's high time to invest in broadband access across the state. 


Each of Wyoming's counties offer different strengths.  As your Senator, I will broker deals nationally that will create thousands of jobs for:


  • Campbell County -  The nation and world need carbon capture.  I will work with the U.S. government to create a new carbon capture national lab in Gillette, which will create thousands of high-paying jobs and play a central role in the deployment of critical carbon capture technologies including direct air capture.  In addition to the jobs directly created, this lab would support the local economy and create a local ecosystem of innovation.  It would be a true win-win for economic growth and climate action.

  • Natrona County - Casper has the infrastructure and human capital to grow and attract the jobs of the future.  I will work with Casper's leaders to develop strategies that grow and bring those opportunities - financial services, healthcare, shipping and more.

  • Laramie County - With the right leadership, Cheyenne can become a leading wind power manufacturing hub, creating thousands of jobs. Colorado has 15 wind manufacturing facilities, supporting around 8,000 jobs.  There's no reason Wyoming, with our superior wind quality, can't capture a significant portion of this opportunity. 

  • Fremont County - Fremont county has enormous tourism potential.  I will consult with Fremont county community members, institutions like NOLS and the Wyoming Outdoor Council, and local leaders to identify how to further promote this opportunity in D.C.

  • Sweetwater County - Sweetwater produces the nation's trona, but ships it out of state.  Working together, we'll get a Trona manufacturer to set up shop right at the source, Sweetwater County. 

    Sweetwater has also taken the lead in installing Wyoming's first solar farm  - creating a base to build on.

  • Lincoln County - The Kemmerer power plant is being retired.  As part of Wyoming leading the nation in carbon capture, let's retrofit it into a state-of-the-art carbon capture facility, keeping it online and turning it into a local job creator.

  • Albany County - Laramie has a great backstory: the railroads, Wyoming's leadership in women's rights, the wild west, and a college town.  Laramie's downtown has great potential as a hub for entrepreneurs that want to come and set up shop in Wyoming.  That's just one possibility.  As my campaign unfolds, I will consult with Laramie folks to hear their ideas about where they'd like to see their community go.

I'll Work to Increase Worker Pay, Create More Three-Day Weekends, and Increase Freedom in Your Life

The great American dream is to have a good job that can support your family, pay a mortgage, contribute to saving for college. But in Wyoming, there are fewer and fewer good jobs to go around. No one can build the future they want working for $7.25 an hour without benefits and driving an Uber on the side, and yet, more and more people in Wyoming have to.  

Wyoming needs good jobs - full-time and with benefits.  Good jobs create thriving communities.  As your Senator:

  • I will support a living wage - $15 per hour.  It's high time for every worker to get a living wage - minimum $10 per hour plus Earned Income Tax Credit, resulting in a wage of $15 per hour.  This is a true win-win.  Good for people, good for small businesses.  According to the Congressional Budget Office, increasing hourly wages would help 1.5 million Americans nationwide and have a minimal impact on employment.

  • I will lead legislation to double public school teacher pay.  Good teachers are at the heart of a community's foundation but despite this, they are underpaid and taken for granted.  It's time for them to get a raise -  a big raise - and connect it to the highest levels of expectations for our kids.  This investment would contribute significantly to a foundation of prosperity and equality for every community. 

  • I will ensure you get to spend time with your family. The work-week needs to be reformed starting with ensuring each month has one three-day-weekend.  This reform would increase productivity in the workplace and be good for families.  Shift and hourly workers that are still on the clock would be paid time and a half pay for hours worked on those newly created holidays.

Cut Healthcare Costs Drastically, Improve Access

The coronavirus has laid bare any remaining doubt that our healthcare needs to change. In Wyoming, where we have some of the highest premiums in the Nation, we overpay for care, drugs, and have limited access to doctors.  The system is too complicated for everyday Americans to navigate and our healthcare outcomes are worse than in much of the world.


The U.S. healthcare industry operates for-profit and as long that continues to be the case should operate the way other businesses do.  They should compete for customers based on affordability and compete across borders.  They should not be protected by politicians and there should be an option to buy a non-profit, public plan.  

 It's high time to start reversing these realities. Here's how I'll do it:

  • I will support Medicare for All If You Want It - let people pick the healthcare option that is best for them and their families. 

  • I'll support buying insurance across state lines with minimum standards met. 

  • I'll sponsor legislation that lets Medicare negotiate low pharmaceutical prices.  Currently, medicare is artificially blocked by Congress from negotiating low bulk pharmaceutical prices and guess what?  We overpay and pharmaceutical companies reap massive profits. This practice must end.

  • I'll support making healthcare providers disclose costs ahead of time.  Every patient deserves to know the costs of their care so they can be involved in this part of process and have more control of their care.

  • I'll support expanding virtual doctor visits.  

  • I'll support reversing the American Medical Association's ability to restrict the number of approved medical schools and applicants to those schools, The AMA arbitrarily limits the supply of physicians available.  This makes medical care more expensive and means we have fewer doctors.  

Reduce the Deficit

Like any household or person, if you live on credit cards, at some point, everything collapses.  The national debt is $25 TRILLION USD - and going up fast - more than our entire annual GDP.  Split the debt up by each taxpayer and it equals over $200k per person. We need to get our finances in order as soon as the coronavirus passes.  In order to do so:

  • I support approaches similar to Senator Enzi's "Penny Plan" and the Simpson-Bowles Commission - "across the board" debt reduction plans which force decisions to eliminate good money chasing bad.  

  • I support simplifying taxes and eliminating loopholes.  There is no decent reason why Amazon and Apple do not have to pay taxes. Vote for me and I"ll make sure corporations pay their fair share.  

Leadership in Clean Energy and Climate

The transition is underway, largely due to market forces.  It needs to be just.  I agree with Governor Gordon: Wyoming can lead in climate action and stimulate our economy at the same time.  Wyoming can remain the nation's leader in energy through renewable energy, carbon capture, carbon technology, bioenergy, and more.   A strong partnership with the U.S. government will be crucial to achieving this - I'll create that partnership.​ As your Senator:

  • I will create legislation that replicates the GI Bill for displaced coal workers - free healthcare, education, and a guaranteed pension.  Wyoming has the world's best energy workers.  We will deploy their abilities by leading in the new opportunities in carbon capture and renewable energy. 

  • I will lead the process of creating a new carbon capture national lab in Gillette.

  • I will lead efforts to turn Cheyenne into a renewable energy manufacturing hub.

  • I will help fast track the process to convert the Kemmerer power plant with carbon capture, keeping it online.

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